Kabuto escaped his past life as an assassin in Yuff and became a Monk of the Order of Vamanra.



Kabuto led a shady past as a skilled and deadly assassin, renowned in the criminal underground on Yuff. After being embarrassingly captured by our protagonists in Chapter 1, (having had his leg completely melted off by the other-worldly powers of Mallory), he would have faced almost certain death if he returned as a failure to his assassin’s guild. This meant he had no choice but to enter the Mysterious Portal™ into another World and see what lay beyond.

Mallory and Quinn had helped him by crafting a prosthetic leg for him so that he could walk again as normal, out of a sense that he may turn his life around given a new start in a strange land, and this is exactly what happened…

After exiting the portal, he found himself in a familiar landscape but with odd surroundings but soon found a local tavern where he went inside looking for information and to talk to some of the locals to learn more of the place he had ended up. He discovered that the whole of this place was ruled by a King, and this Kingdom was under siege by some disgusting and hellish monsters called Orcs and their ilk, (such as Trolls and Goblins).

He stayed in the tavern until late and managed to persuade some locals to keep buying him alcohol in exchange for him telling tales of a “far-away land” which people believed as myths or folk stories from afar (he didn’t let on that this was actually the world he came from!). Before too long, he was almost comatose from the alcohol and lack of food and was kicked out of the tavern. With nowhere to go, he wandered aimlessly before collapsing in the gutter.

When he awoke on a comfortable but simple bed-roll, the sun was on his face and he was washed and dressed in clean clothes. There was a robed and hooded figure sitting quietly at a table nearby, writing on a parchment with a quill. When the stranger saw that Kabuto had awoken, he introduced himself as Ghilid and explained that he and several of his Order had found Kabuto face-down in a gutter and brought him to the Monastery. They had been patrolling the streets, as their Deity had instructed them to during their prayers, in order to find an individual in need of a home and with a journey to begin. They knew immediately that Kabuto was the one they had been looking for as they could sense a strange magical presence about him which drew them nearer like a divining rod to water.

And so began Kabuto’s journey with the Monks at the Monastery of Vamanra, the Deity of Balance and Order. Over the coming months Kabuto learned to let go of his ties to worldly possessions and money and lived a changed life with the simple mantra of protecting “the Balance”. He learned all about Vamanra and the Monks who lived his teachings, and he tried to let go of his past as much as he could, taking solace in his new found place within the World.

Kabuto also fought on several Orc raids, (as many Monks did), in league with the King’s army because they were revered Holy fighters with many magical abilities and therefore often accompanied the army as elite units.

His journey into the Order had just begun and there was a long way ahead of him, but he vowed to continue following Vamanra’s teachings and to drive back the Blight threatening to tip the Balance of the World.

Monks of the Order of Vamanra:

The Monks of the Order of Vamanra, sometimes referred to colloquially as “Holy Warriors”, believe that the blight of the Orc invasion into the land must be countered, lest evil and disorder reign free. They are quick to offer aid wherever it is needed and are always law abiding. Trained in various martial arts and combat techniques, the Monks are generally unarmored but as quick as the wind, using their fists, small swords, or polearms (such as Glaives), to fight back against the Blight in aid of restoring Balance and Order.

Many of them are also skilled at Holy Spells, being able to channel the power of Vamanra through their prayers into Holy energy for the purpose of healing or other non-agressive abilities.

The Symbol of Vamanra:
Symbol of balance by xemento d342ej7


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