Lambert Oswald Smythe-Tremis

Mischievous son of a noble


Son of the lord of the southern port town of Cliff Point.

From an early age, Lambert has been groomed for the life of a nobleman running a busy harbour town. His father, Oswald Smythe-Tremis and mother, Patricia Smythe-Tremis hired the best tutors and did all they could to ensure Lambert, their only child, would be a worthy successor to the rule of Cliff Point and would nurture it so it would continue to continue to thrive.

5 years ago, a little after Lamber’s 14th birthday, his mother became terribly ill. Later that year she died. Oswald struggled to deal with his grief, and threw himself into his work. Filled with resentment of his father, Lambert started venturing out from the castle grounds into the town where he learned about gambling and stealing. Initially he was on the receiving end, having been picked out as a naive lad of wealth. Never one to give up, he improved his appearance to blend in with the “natives” of the various bars and taverns, left most of his allowance at home and sat quietly for many weeks observing those that had stolen from him as they preyed on the drunk and the gullible.
Eventually Lambert tried his hand at it.
The first time he stole, it was a few copper pieces from a drunkard’s pocket. The prize was trifling, but the thrill and the rush were like nothing he’d experienced before. Emboldened by this experience, he stole again, and again, from pockets or idly unguarded tables. Using money stolen like this, Lambert turned his hand to the various games of chance being played with cards and dice. Besides, these tables were often where people with both money and a head full of booze could be found. As he improved his skill at the games, and at manipulating the games, he formed a plan to take every penny from the fellows that had first stolen from him.
One rainy evening he got into a game of cards with the very people he sought. He began to win, as he often did when people weren’t paying attention to where his hands were or what was up his sleeves. The thieves were about to be cleaned out when Lambert fumbled his legitimate winning hand and dropped his “extra” cards on the table.
“Cheat!” they cried, and a fight errupted. It was only thanks to his natural speed that he managed to stay conscious until the town watch arrived.

Daddy was not pleased.

Oswald took more of an interest in his son from that point. Lambert got into trouble again and came home covered in bruises and cuts one night, despite his father’s increase in guards to keep an eye on him. Seeing that his son had a problem, Oswald did the 2 best things he could have done for Lambert: he employed an administrator to take over some of the work of running the town, and he found a master of unarmed combat to train his boy so that if he was going to get into trouble anyway, he’d at least hold his own.
The renewal of the bond with his father, the training in combat arts, and the growing awareness that the ongoing war with The Horde was not going well combined to bring Lambert back onto the rails. Although having developed an addiction to gambling and the thrill of stealing from those who could hurt him, he got his father’s permission to enlist in the army as an officer so he could see more of the world and help the Alliance’s fight for supremacy.

He’s been on the road for some weeks’ but Lambert is finally about to arrive in the North for his first assignment as an officer in the King’s army… if he can resist the urge to steal the shiny shiny crown from the kings head.

Lambert Oswald Smythe-Tremis

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